Desolation of a Soul

A Halloween Special Story…

He tried to enter the house, but, he couldn’t. He needs something to get-in in the house. Last time he had chosen the picture of the smiling lady beside the hanging mirror, but he got caught as the woman whom he admired a lot seems to own the power to see them. She not only threw him away but cleansed the whole house. From then he is a vagrant soul. He looked at the new family through the window, and that time he saw it. A bear–Teddy and toy kept on the parapet. He moved and inserts himself inside it.

Inspired by the Picture shared by Bikurgurl for her 100 Word Wednesday Week#94


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In a Flash Cover 2

15 responses to “Desolation of a Soul”

  1. Super creepy!! Just in time for Halloween for sure! I love the complexity of your character — great read on the image!!

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    1. What I like of this 100-words is this challenge…thanks for organizing this

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      1. My pleasure! Thank you 👍👍


    1. Thanks for stopping by and passing your reviews…

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      1. Pleasure always for beautiful stuff

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