Actually…No Plot At All… Ep: 3: Death of Hero (II)



They both ran inside the bungalow and as they enter the sitting room they saw three living figures; one being breathing his last with blood oozing out profusely.

The two figures were of Mayor and his wife. Mayor was still holding his gun up pointing it in front of him; the smoke was swirling up from the mouth of the gun and the room smelled of the explosive. His wife was standing at the threshold of the room; she was white in shocked and as soon as the two men enter the room she shrieks out and fainted down there.

Hero was lying on the floor. He was the one who was having his last breaths. The tiger skin on his body was dull than it was and it was red from the bullet hitting its belly.

The shriek woke Major up from his blank moment. He looked around and seeing Haricharan questioned “when the Town did started having tiger…where is Hero…he could have sensed from miles apart…”

Mrs. Rakshit didn’t survive the shock. She was taken to bed that night, and after fighting for three days and two nights she passed away in the late noon. Satyakam Rakshit when discovered next morning the nuisance of his decade old butler Haricharan, he threw his away and said him not to show his face again to him.

That was the last time anyone heard the thunderous voice of Mr. Rakshit. After his wife passed away he started to drink heavily and started locking away in his bungalow. He resigned from the post of Mayor one month after his wife passed away. This was the first step to his insanity. Few weeks later everyone started spotting him at the entrance to the Town near the peepal tree. Whenever he saw someone he asked the question “when did the tiger started visiting the Town…and where is my Hero…” That too stopped after a while and he resigned to talk and going back to his bungalow. On asking he would show the cause of being haunted by a tiger and spirit of his deceased wife.

Haricharan after being banished decided to leave the Town for the city. He neither apologies for his act nor did he regret for it. He stand firm on his explanation of making fun of his master. He was killed after a week of the evening when his train to the city got hit by a landslide. The mountain crashed down on the rail track smashing the train and destroying the track.

Sitadulal left the town and moved to the village of his in-laws crossing the mountain. He became a successful sugar cane factory owner and fathered five children.



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