Actually…No Plot At All… Ep 9: Pickle


Major Kedarnath sat up. The book he was reading had fallen from his hand. His batman who was singing had fallen on his face at his foot. And everyone else who was standing or dancing to the song or was sitting like Kedarnath had got dispositioned for the sudden screeching halt of the train. It had not stopped normally but was forced to stop.

Kedarnath and other help others to sit up or stand up. The batman had broken his nose; blood was coming out profusely. One of the doctors was with them; he came forward with urgency because other had been hurt but not like the batman.

Kedarnath looked out of his compartment and saw the train had tilted at a gravely angle; it had got derailed. The other passengers had been coming out of other compartments. He jumped out to the low track side land and saw there was a landslide. The rain had been with them soon after their train starts it journey. He shouted to his men who was peeping out of the door and passed the order to help the others in this peril.

After everyone was taken out of the special eight-compartment train leaving the injured one back at the train, he with two of men and three other passenger started walking to the nearby station which they had left two kilometer back. From there he, after near to dozen tries and when he was going to burst out in anger, was able to contact the city to send aid as soon as possible. After getting disconnected and again few more tries he was able to send out the location and received the response that there was torrential rain going on in the city; as soon as its stop the help would be send out.

He after the call came out on the station and saw the rain is pacing down; it was becoming drizzle. He had a talk with the stationmaster who said he would arranged horse carriages to bring the passengers in and give them shelter in the Town. He remained back while sending out his companions to pass the news. His two men remained behind with him to look on the arrangement.

Sixty carriages were arranged surprising the army men. The two men one in front and one in behind went with the rail of the carriage. Kedarnath went to the Town to talk with the authority to give them shelter for next few days.

As he was coming out of the station thanking the stationmaster for aiding him and helping him he bumped on a man who was hurrying to enter the station.

“Rakshit…is that you…” Kedarnath screamed.

Rakshit looked at him and he also screamed, “Kedarnath…is that you…”

They embrace each other as if two brothers had met after a long period of separation. They both cried a little bit amusing the stationmaster to see two men crying seeing each other—one an army man and another renowned hunter and proud of the Town.

“So..what brings you to my haven…” Rakshit asked while drawing his nose.

“You two can come up here and sit in my office…” the stationmaster interrupts.



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