Actually…No Plot At All… Ep 18 & 19: Smell of Blood (IV & V)


“Sir, are you surprised to find me am not surprised by your surprise visit to my school…” Khurana asked.

Bakshi was wondering on his next words as he knew there were no one who could surpass his surprise or irritation when the police or investigating officer visit him or her. And that too all of a sudden in the late noon at the workplace.

“Khurana, are you not hiding some things from us…” Bakshi asked.

“Yes…two things…” Khurana’s voice was calm, “two things I had hidden from you…you all who can see can call this a sort of rambling from a blind man…”  

“What, are those…” Bakshi asked.

Khurana smiled and then said, “there is a tea shop here…I can smell it every day while coming to school…”

Bakshi was blank. He hadn’t saw anything like that. So he had to follow Khurana who had started walking towards the gate. He had opened his stick and ringing the bell attached to the stick as everyone around him doing to let know of their coming or progress. The only non-blind persons at the school were few of the teachers and the helping aids.

Khurana was walking as a normal man should. He was not wearing the black glasses. If anyone removes his stick he can be mistaken as a normal man. Bakshi looked around, ad felt a vacant. The blind sees more than a non-blind person; they feel the world not only live in them or see it—he had heard somewhere. He, Bakshi, felt that he was the blind person not Khurana or other persons there. Is he doing the right thing? Aren’t he acting weird? He should had gone, that is what he should had done?

At the morning he had received the telegram—DAD PASSED AWAY (STOP) COME SOON POSSIBLE (STOP)

He hadn’t gone; he hadn’t shed a tear. For this man’s tarnished behavioral, he was outcasted from all the pleasures of growing up period of his life. His father was a statesman who after serving a Minister as assistance decided to ran away looting the minister. For months they had to run here and there—he and his son; Bakshi doesn’t know of her mother. He had come to know she had dies while giving birth to him. When he first came to the city for the college, he had planned and had gone through some old newspapers at the city library to find the development of chasing for his father, and that time he learned from an old clip that his mother was first of five wife that the minister wed. After the minister had got separated from his first wife for a second, and much young than before wife, the wife got entangled in the relationship with this assistance. The report though left hazed on the outcome of this relationship saying probably they had a child, and the woman’s body was found beside the river mutilated after sometime of the separation. Later he found the case file, and learnt the postmortem report had indicated of her being delivering a child just a week or so before her demise.

He was twenty then. And this revelation regarding his father and of his mother had shocked him. He then decided to leave the Town and do something in the city. He had given a lot of exams and at last he got a job in the police force. He had joined the detective agency two years back. Whenever there was a background check on him, he had proven himself being orphan with bribing an orphan home—the money he had looted last time he was at the town. After he joined the detective agency he traveled to the Town and faced his father, disowning his father. No one knows of this story of him except she.

When the father and son were running away from places to places they came to this Town. At first his father used to work at a bakery shop and he was assistance to him there. Using his skill of statesman, Mahesh Bakshi made friend with the then Mayor DeCosta and soon became his assistance. Another think that he used was his charm. He was above six feet with well built body stature and a fine narrow mustache over the slender mouth with eyes of hazel brown color and complexion of fair. When he used to smile not only young woman but the young lady also used to get spellbound. In town he was soon termed as the womanizer Bakshi. The Town though never disowned them and let them live there. But, no one wants to converse with them; they were not invited to any of the festivals. It was fine with Mahesh but not with his nine year old son, then known Bakshi Junior. He was nameless individual until he entered the college. There though his name Mahesh Bakshi Junior later he took the name Sarat Bakshi.

Bakshi was telling all this to Khurana sitting at the tea shop. He halted at this point of rechristening of himself by himself. He do not want to share those years now, but, at the same time he wants to. He felt cowardice.

Khurana said, “you told me all this…so I can take that I am not more a suspect…”

Bakshi shook his head and realizing his confederate could not see him, he said, “yes…the only clue that helping you to be free was the broken neck of the vase…which was missing, and with which she was hit…being a blind you cannot know where the vase…and even if you knew…then you couldn’t do that…vanishing the neck…while doing which you might have scrambled the crime scene…or you could do that…because you are very much cunning guy…you might have aid…housemaid or someone like that…but for now you are off the noose…but not from the list of suspects…”

“H’m…you are sharp man Bakshi…now we should go…the evening is coming down…and I need to be there at my complex…am the violin player at a birthday party there…of  a ten year old…you can join me…”

“No…I shall go…I’ll drop you…” Bakshi said while calling the boy of the shop to pay.

“No…no, Sir…you need to be alone…I know it…” Khurana said while unfolding his stick.

“But, you were supposed to tell me two things you had kept from us…” Bakshi said while lighting a cigarette.

“Yeah…I thought I will tell those tomorrow…I will give you a visit at the station…because I had third period at the school…before that I have nothing to do…but for now I cannot give you one of the two…” Khurana said slowly and steadily at the end.

“And what is that…” Bakshi asked.

“It seems…there were twins…” Khurana said, “I will tell you in full tomorrow…now I have to go…don’t like to keep waiting a kid…not a good thing…”

Bakshi helped him to board a taxi, and paid the driver not listening to reluctance of Khurana.

AfterBasu, he had made another friend in the city. Keshab Khurana.


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