Morning Raga

Let us sit down at the bank

of the dawn.

It never snow in our city Kolkata;

The fog thus will hide us,

The dew from twilight will wet–

The platform where we’ll sit.

The shrouded shy sun-bathed breeze–

Will sing the morning raga

As we will weave silence between us.

No kiss. No hand in hand.

Only constructing a time that’ll be–

Only ours.

3 responses to “Morning Raga”

  1. your words describe a feeling that I want to experience, but it is only your city that can give that


    1. It is actually the longing for beloved that brings out this poem…and I think am succeeded a little in that

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      1. the longing is very clear, but the metaphors for the city and the beloved compliment so beautifully

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