Mid-Night Psithurism

The darkness that’s hidden in the blue dark of the night

The silence that’s hold the calmness of the young spring

They all whisper the hymn; the hymn of the nocturnal long.

The ache that clapping on the wall of the my senses–

For not being with you sussurate somehow I’m yours, your’re mine.

I spread your name to the stars and the milky way;

You are mine, and no one, and no one.

I spread your name to the constellation of stars,

Giving the breeze, warm and equatorial, a song to sing

Giving the darkness to breath deep orchestrating the mid-night psithurism.

Oh, milady, I will spread your name to all those silent stars,—

I will breathe into the spring night calmness–

You are mine, you are mine…

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