Freedom or Not [100-Word]

The night was full moon as it was…is it “would be” a century ago or few years ago, or, is it “will”…I couldn’t decipher the point of the time I had looked at that transparent sign of the house–the wizard hat in the square fixed to a pole–last time…it couldn’t be the future because present give birth to future…but, the question I want answered to is what era or what century is this…am I back to my time or am I still lost in swirl of the time…am I still cursed for loving the wizard’s wife…when I’m at…

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt, 14th March 2019

9 responses to “Freedom or Not [100-Word]”

  1. The confusion of life…you’ve described it well. (K)

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  2. Who has been a silly boy then 💜

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