Thoughts 2

Last year November my blog had completed its two years. Though I haven’t been able to post on that day; and that’s all credit goes to my dear companion, my laptop. It is being with me for last six or seven years. Yeah, it’s a long time. But, this post is not for Mr.Laptop; (but) for the new revamped look of the WordPress. 

I don’t like this new era in this universe because the developers have added many features which not letting me write freely. These developments and needs-for-up-gradation sometimes making my writing process a problematic one. Being a Masters in Computer Application, I know for long run a platform or a software needs upgrade, needs updates. But, at the same time I had learned keep it simple in the front always; don’t show the complexities that are behind that simplicity.

On the second thought, I am facing the problem because I am novice to these features and all. Many of you might find it easier, the new WordPress blog. And I can say one day I’m going to join you.

Till then let’s keep on blogging. And don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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