April, 2019…

2016, a boy who love to write, especially poems, was looking to vent out through cigarettes and drinks; drugs he had promised to self not to take. He was just trying to forget the girl he had been in love. On November of the year, he created a WordPress blog account. Though he had posted first time not before the month end. He writes and writes; at first once in week then slowly two in a week , and finally daily. He sobered himself as he got deep into his world of writings. Soon he made few friends. And a beautiful world he had discovered. He became a popular blogger having a group of admirers loving her somber and dark writings.

2017, he came to know of the National Poem Writing Month (or NaPoWriMo). He knew of November month being National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), but, never heard of the former. Thirty days, thirty poems. Each day a new prompt. He was familiar in writing to a given random prompt. But, this one to him seems to be a big step to become popular. He was hunger for popularity than anything else. But, he was struck by epiphany when his poem got featured on the first day. He never knew of this featured thing and all. Popularity is nothing he said to himself. And started writing his heart and mind.

His blog became not his passage of venting out his sadness, his melancholy but more than that. He started writing what he wanted. And that goes beyond poems and ventured into flash fiction–another thing he learned at the blogverse and articles.

After 2017 NaPoWriMo, he thought and ruminate, and after much hesitation brings out his first collection of poems named “29”–the age he was at that time. It was a collection of thirty-two poems including the ones he had written for his first NaPoWriMo.

The book was not a hit one as he had expected. Very few bought it, and out of that very few, very few read and commented. This disheartened him a lot. He though knew it was solely due to poor promotion; he was not so good of promoting himself as poet.

2018, his second book came out. It was named “In a Flash…”, and was a collection of fifty 100-word stories. The idea was provided to him by one of his blogger friend. He promote the book before releasing it. After releasing it met with the same fate as the last. He though didn’t get disheartened this time. The reason was NaPoWriMo. His released his second book when the 2018-phase of this event going on.

In the same year he brought out another book. A chapbook named “Incomplete Forever”. It was his last book till date. 2018 also saw the boy to get disappeared from the blogverse. He knew people will forget him. Still he took the chance ’cause somewhere he was tired of writing continuously.

2018 November he had made a return. And that too as a novelist when he started posting episodes from his novel that he was writing in the National Novel Writing Month. He had once started posting episodes from his novel at 2017, but, he had left it incomplete. This time also he couldn’t finished the novel because of his laptop going out of service. He took this opportunity and sat back. He reads a lot, and write using pen and paper.

2019, he was back. And now he will be participating in this year National Poem Writing Month. Third year in a row. His fourth book, which he’s thinking of, might be out in the May or June, and it might be a compilation of 2018 and 2019 poems he will and had written for the April month. Beside this he is right now working on the novel he had left unfinished back in 2018, and also working on a translation work along with readying a manuscript for the publisher.

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  1. Fab Writings says:

    Damn, what a journey!
    Wish you all the success ahead, and don’t disappear this year!
    Best wishes, Harsh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sangbad says:

      thanks for the wishes…I also think of my journey like this…hope to see more of your reviews…

      Liked by 1 person

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