Stopping by the Words in the Odd Page

Searching for the proper verb I was out there amongst the words in the

thesaurus, Bengali to English it was.

Randomly I opened a page near to the intended Bengali alphabet,

and got struck at another Bengali word, not a verb it is; a homographs;

it was both a noun and an adverb–

depends on how you use it or want to use.

As a noun, it means relationship; grand in nature–

Grand-son, husband of grand-daughter, wife of grand-son.

As an adverb, it is prefixed to say not much, moderately–

not much short, not much long, mild temperate zone, mildly cold.

The verb I was looking for might be there in one of those two pages–

or not, I didn’t look for it anymore;

(’cause) these Bengali homograph words made me stop at the odd page

it was printed in.

Written for Day 24 of National/Global Poem Writing Month 2019.


Today’s (optional) prompt is to write a poem that, like “Dictionary Illustrations,” is inspired by a reference book. Locate a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia, open it at random, and consider the two pages in front of you to be your inspirational playground for the day. Maybe a strange word will catch your eye, or perhaps the mishmash of information will provide you with the germ of a poem.

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