2nd Year…

Last year after attempting two years in National Poem Writing Month (held in April annually), I thought why not give a chance to the National Novel Writing Month (held in November annually).

So, I had participated in it. And my laptop breaks down after I crossed the 25,000 words limit. It was half of the way because the target is 50,000 words on the 30th November. Few of you had read that half written novel here at Thoughts. I had shared my daily progress here. It’s working title was titled Actually No Plot At All. Now, I am working on that novel even after a year. Writing and rewriting, writing and Shift+Delete, writing and backspacing. Now it is call Memoirs of Some Characters.

In 2019, I am again going to participate in the NaNoWriMo and had take resolution to end the race anyhow, anyway. The name as of now is Red Blue Gray or Journal of Prisoners. The story-line is like this–

A journal had been discovered in Haven Prison. It was written by not one but more than one prisoners. They had jotted down their thoughts and stories or stories of another prisoner.

Like last year this year also I will share my progress here. Hope it will find some readers not only lover of Like button, and I will look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Below are two covers I am sharing that I had designed for this book.

See you tomorrow here with the First Episode, and whole of the month of November with the progress of First Draft of my new endeavour.



5 responses to “2nd Year…”

  1. Great. Waiting to read more👏

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  2. Best of luck for the competition.

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    1. Thank you… hope to see your comments


    1. Thank you…hope to see you

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