Red Blue Gray: Day 11 & 12


Day 1

I’m now thirty years back from the time. That is it is 198-This diary was brought up by this cat—white and fluffy ball with two different colour eyeball, blue and hazelnut. It is the one who show the diary. He just banged his head on the girth underneath the bed drawing my attention. No one is aware I am here from the noon. The place is a cell in some jail. Everything around is hazy. This might be happening because I do not belong here and thus everything I am seeing may be out of my imagination or maybe it’s a period long forgotten and I had journeyed in to that time by calculation. When I reached here I find nothing except darkness. I had thought after one hour I will travel back to my time but now it seems to be there is some problem or I have miscalculated. It’s being three hours here and the cat has become a friend who seems to be playing the role of guide in this time. Until I went back, I will use this copy as my pass time.

Day 2

It’s now night. No one had come up to this place. They didn’t realize already a person is here. In my time, same situation is getting enacted. Locked in the library I am working on some complicated math on time and also working on to invent a time machine. They do not know that I have already invented the machine. And daily I am taking a journey to another time. Few days ago I have travelled to 1757 and the date was 23 June. I saw I have reached at an open field of battle, the Battle of Plassey. Yes, the date brings this Battle in to memory when I thought of 1757. Death men were there; vultures had been flying with setting sun colouring their flying wing. And there was this silent. The wind was howling carrying the smell of death and gunpowder. Suddenly there was sound of shot from a canyon and I was back to my library. I found I was not in my time for a minute and a half. My machine can read my mind—the one I have been trying to achieve. It was proved. At late of the night when I was jotting down this description of the battlefield, I got to understand that this was the scene I had in mind and that’s why I saw it. Past is what had happened or it is instance of moment that had got stamped on the time, and when we think of the past, we relied on our imaginations which subconsciously or unconsciously capture the picture we had drawn in our consciousness. (Cont’d)

2 responses to “Red Blue Gray: Day 11 & 12”

  1. This is really interesting. Left me asking questions.


    1. Thanks for the read…if you can and want read the previous episodes also…

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