Red Blue Gray: Day 22

They are going to close the jail within the end of this year. They are thus disbursing me from the duty I was assigned. Now I have the choice to remain on the field or can take up a desk job in headquarter at Lal Bazar. I all need to let them know what I will choose. If it the on field then they will choose where they want to sent me after I have been proven fit by their appointed doctors and in that matter I will not have the job if I am prove unfit. For the desk job they can hold that till September.

Anna was sitting in front of me and drawing a picture of her and me when I was reading this letter. I thought for a while looking at her and then selected the desk job. The reply of the letter needs to be sent by day after tomorrow. My brother-in-law writes the letter down as I had dictated him and I signed and sealed it. He will be posting it tomorrow while going to the office.

This husband of my wife’s sister is becoming a brother which I never had and have been longing for long. He is always there I know whenever I needed him. Now I should go or otherwise Anna will get woke up finding me still sitting at my reading desk and writing in this journal.

Part 3

The following are the documentation of the narration that has been collected. The course of the presentation of the documents will clarify how they are related to the prison or to the jailor. They are written as the person told its not altering anything. Instead few portions had been eliminated or discarded to keep the presentation in its course to revelation. The reliability or believability of the following portions is the matter to discretion. The names of the persons are either changed or withdrawn to maintain their humble identity—living and death both. (Cont’d)

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