Red Blue Gray: Day 28

Chapter 3

The Curious Case of the Mr. Cannibal Concluded?

Staff Reporter

Kolkata, 14th February: For last few months the city has been stricken by an unknown killer. We already know few of the cases that he was in. He used to abduct the girls who had crossed sixteen, and then after killing them, method unknown, he used to feast on them after raping them. This had earned him the name of the Mr. Cannibal by the police.

This murderer came into notice of the police when a girl successfully fled from the clasp of the murderer. She is one of the twins that he had abducted on the Kali Puja night last year. She had to witness the murderer murdering her elder sister and feasting on her after raping her. The police then connect the dots of many more missing girls from last two years. Mr. Cannibal used to abduct the girls from the roadside slum or footpath dwellers. Sometimes and rarely he used to abduct the girl of some high end families. In this case he used to send in the clothes of the girl to their houses and confessing to his crime in a letter. The police was already investigating on these murders but they never understand that they are connected. Now this investigation has come to a conclusion as this noon Police Commissioner declared the case will be ‘Closed’ because the killer cannot be arrested.

The Commissioner while presenting his statement before declaring the decision said that for last four months the killer hasn’t strike; so they think either he is lying low or had absconded the city. This has created a riff in all level of the society and governmental department demanding for the suspension of the Commissioner and the officers involved in the investigation.

One of the mothers of the victim, a slum dweller, asking on whether the daughters are scapegoats or lure said the Commissioner should be fired from the job. An assistant of a minister shared that the Minister is not happy to listening to this. The Minister had planned a rally against the Officers whom he thinks are the main culprits for the killer being on the loose. A retired police officer expressed his disgrace to the force saying every time whenever a big investigation comes up the force blotch them up always. But, amongst all these anger and demands, a retired High Court judge remark this is a great step to bring out the killer from its hide.

The Commissioner later in a written statement has mentioned he had asked the other cities of the state as well as other states to be on alert. If anything happened uncanny they should take action and should inform him. Let’s hope the words of the judge come true. The killer will be soon caught, maybe not from this city but from another city of this state or another state.

Chapter 4

Portions from the transcription of Mr. … as recorded by Dr. Basu:

Date: 28th November, 20— – 4th December, 20—

It was the month of May or something like that; but it was the period between the bidding of summer and the ascending monsoon. The year was 19— I do not know how I reach there. The village was not there. The prison was there. It was ruined and lying in the destitution. The moor or the river was not there. They had died long ago. On the first night I board in the bricked house that I had been staying when I was there. From there in that half-crescent-moon-light I saw the ruin. It’s vanity was all destroyed as it sat there not standing like it used to with its head down and fixed between its broken knees. It was sitting there in a barren land. In the light of the setting sun and the dust it seems to be hazed not a real one. At night it remained there and started beckoning me.

Next morning when I enter the premise, years later it was, I found it had transformed to despicable mansion. Where was it grandeur? Where was its haughtiness? I laughed at it and spit on the ground. Then I enter the main building. It smelt of shits of bats and other nocturnal animals, and of the other birds and animals. It was empty. The stairs had broken in parts creating gaps in between steps. The office was a scene to watch. Under the rubbles of the broken slabs of the walls lie the skulls of four skeletons. I didn’t disturb them. I felt bad for Joseph. He was the only one who I think was the good man.

I then walked around to see if there are anymore skeletons. But nothing was there on the two floors. The staircase to the third floor was the most damaged one. There was only a slice of the platform left. I had to jump to be on the stairs to the third floors. A step broke down as I leave it to step on the next one. I was attentive so I jumped and landed on the balcony of the third floor. Light was emitting from the corner cell. That moment I realized the clouds were gathering and it would rain soon. I said to self we need to return but there was an attraction that dragged me to the cell. As I walking closing to the cell a musty rotten odour I smelled.

The wall of the cell was broken down. On the floor lies a skeleton on the bed. A clap of thunder was under when I looked at the body of the man lying on the floor. I recognized him. It was the infamous Mr. Cannibal who had strike fear few months back that year. He was dead maybe for few days. I pressed my handkerchief to my nose and stoop down to have a better look in the dying light. The storm was trespassing through the broken wall and it was spreading the flies and maggots along with the rot-odour. The man was holding a old manuscript wrapped in red colour. I put my hand to drag it and that time the cat out of nowhere jumped on me.

Doctor, I only remember I fall down as the floor under me broken down holding that copy in my hand. Yes, I have that copy but I cannot recollect where do I have kept it? I remember hazily I was there in the ruin, and had scribbled on it. It was between the politician’s and a boy’s scribbling. But I cannot remember where do I hide it?

The stationmaster was a helpful man. He called the police recognizing me from the photograph in the paper. And now I am sitting in front of you. Have you seen that red-cloth wrapped book? I need it.



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