Red Blue Gray: Day 30

Fifty or sixty years it would be. In these years the safe-house of the king had grown into a popular jail. The British used to send off the rebels here who are of high importance or might have some information. The village leader had grown old and his son had become renowned spy. He had a brother who born after 1857. This brother was known for the notorisity. Not a female was there who was not teased by him. Later in his age he had became a business of raw-leather. It was said that he had killed one of his supplier over dispute of payments and for that he had to be in the jail. Now here’s come the tantrik.

One winter morning a farmer saw a ascetic sitting under the banyan tree. You can see that tree still standing tall. It was one of the three sole survivors of the great 19— earthquake. The ascetic was meditating when the farmer saw him. Later in the morning when a crowd gathered there, the ascetic opened his eyes. He smiled and asked for some milk. A woman brought in the milk and he again smiled. He smiled again; then touching the bowl with his index finger he made the bowl full of sandesh. In that state of amazement he called a kid from the crowd and whispered to her to distribute the sweets amongst the other kids. He then inhaled deeply and said the villagers to be not afraid of him.

A week passed away. It was a summer godhuli. The leader stopped his horse in front of the banyan tree where the tantrik had been sitting with closed eyes leaning on the tree. The old leader was returning from the city after a month. His health was not well at that time. So, leaving his city at the city he had returned to his village. In reality for last few nights he had this repeated disturbing dream of a tantrik laughing at him like a hyena does to its prey, and he was standing at his feet of the bed in the village house. He came down from the horse and came closer to the tantrik. Making a noise of clearing the throat he declared his presence. The tantrik opened his eyes and smiled.

Nobody cannot determine or said what had happened at that moment. The old man shouted out and faint there at the feet of the tantrik.


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