The Wee Hours We’re Livin’ In…

Everyone is celebrating to-day.

The celebration had started when the news flashed on the National TV channels and web browsers. A moment of silence to get indulge into suddenness of the news and then a loud cheer and hurrah. Yes, the four rapists had been killed by the police. At last the soul of Doctor Priyanka Reddy will rest in peace. This is what all we wanted till we learned of the heinous crime. Lynched them. Hanged them. They don’t deserve the facility of being tried in the court. But, wait. Wait, and think about this. Is this how justice should be served?

Like one of the four smothered the young doctor, to-day at the wee hours of the morning the justice had been smothered. The reports say they were taken to the crime scene to recreate the crime. And at that time they snatched the arms of police and tried to escape by shooting at the police. Two of the policemen were injure, I read if I am not wrong. So, four truck drivers tried to escape the clutch of justice, and they, the group of brave policemen, just serve them justice they, the rapists, were waiting for. This is for what they have taken oath for. This is the duty of them; they have been bestowed with—punished the offenders, the vile who spoiling the very nature of the society that is to live in tranquility.

No, this is being injustice served in the most justified approach that you had in your hand. “Killed in Encounter”—the pages of the culprits will read in the report. To me it is not a moment of ecstasy or to celebrate that those culprits were killed. It is actually most cowardice way you can pass on the justice.Yeah I know sometimes the violence is the perfect answer to serve the wrongdoers and their doings. But being a protector of the justice cannot be they put on the trial.

I can see many of you calling me name or abusing me. Listen then, I am against these rapists and their doings but I am also against of being this way of justice served to serve the justice.

Next time when this thing will happen again people will expect bullets and guns to make the decision not the judicial system to pass the sentence. Many of you will again call me names; but, go through the newspapers from 28th November to last day that is 5th December. And see there were so many instances of molestation that have happened at this period of times. Besides this, these are accounted for. Everyday so many girls and women are getting molested—how many of them are we coming to know.

Standing on this edge of the explanation what had happened today is right or wrong the time will tell. But, however the time is hard and harsh we need to understand that violence is not the solution that should be applied at that time. If we cannot understand this then the black cloud of anarchy is looming over us.

As conclusion, I would say the greatest punishment the rapists had received. That is not the death we asked for them. But, it was disownment of them by their mother. One of the mothers of the convicted had disowned his son publicly, and had asked for the death sentence. When your own mother can say that and ask for your death through judicial sentence for the crime you had committed, then isn’t it a punishment?

One response to “The Wee Hours We’re Livin’ In…”

  1. I agree that justice must be given in a legal way otherwise there will be anarchy and this can be misused also. At the same time, justice must be given in the least time. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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