No Reader for Mr. Mitra

No Reader for Mr. Mitra

[After a long I have tried to write something. It’ll be great if you read this and let me know in the comment box of your thoughts.]

As the fan whistled air, the late spring night susurrate the night

Embrace in the cobweb of the memories, he sat down to write.

Few remember him, and few have not

And he knows that all.

Silence of the silence, zip of the last buses and late night cabs and cars

And the whistle of the last local, all are his companion

He wants to write. He wants to hear the cheers.

(Now) he knows no one waiting for him.

The lizard ticks somewhere in the room–three times–

(True, truth, true–it might be saying)

(When) He whispered the words

(When) He mock self by no reader for Mr. Mitra.

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