National Poem Writing Month 2020 Day 4: On the Treadmill with Vampires

[Inspired by the dream of one of my colleagues ]

The road was moving back under the feet

A treadmill it was.

Night sky grasping me. Full of terror and howls.

They were behind me. Flying not running–their chasing feet

were not touching the ground I can see in the hazed halogen lights.

The lights soon deemed revealing the night to be of the new moon

And its turn to full moon in a blink.

In that silver light

They were coming forward to catch me

And I am running but want to escape that was my wish.

They were not dressed in some traditional or these days’ dresses

They wore uniform of military that belongs to no country

As per I know.

Who they are these?

Those were zombies in the new moon;

And vampires in full moon with long canine teeth

And hunger in their eyes. Lips were red.

In the silver light I recognize few of the faces but don’t

Ask me

The identities of those faces; only clue I can give out is

They work with us.

They were close than closest to me like you’re sitting right now.

A cock was heard followed by another as I saw I have fallen

Asleep on the keyboards. And the cock cocking mechanically

on my cell phone.

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3 responses to “National Poem Writing Month 2020 Day 4: On the Treadmill with Vampires”

  1. Zombies and vampires! Your dream took me places 😀


    1. Not mine but my colleague’s

      Liked by 1 person

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