National Poem Writing Month 2020: Day 17: Hitting the Jackpot

It was like playing Contra

Or triggering the small iron ball

through the rolling ball maze.

Flipping through the pages,

At first the residential telephone book,

And then the phone directory–

The big fat book containing numbers and

Addresses and the names.

The address was not known but the area not,

finding the name amongst the namesakes,

following the area name as the breadcrumbs.

In one area it can be one name but multi surnames

Making to feel like in the booth the

Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger from

The rented VHS cassette

Searching his target address.

Pressing the buttons,

the little black keys,

And while the phone rang before the “hello”

Playing with the curly chords–black it was.

You hit a jackpot,

if the call gets to where you desire

Or it was better luck next time

or few more times next.

Another one written last year on this very same day. Sharing the link here:

Rediscovering the Saturn’s Chasm

5 responses to “National Poem Writing Month 2020: Day 17: Hitting the Jackpot”

  1. I quite liked the yellow pages…you had everybody at the tip of your fingers.


    1. Yeah…at times making you feel like the Terminator

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The good old telephone book 😀😀


    1. And also the phone landline ones and VHS tapes…and the games

      Liked by 1 person

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