National Poem Writing Month 2020: Day 29: Lassey, My Guardian Angel


(I have no reminiscent of yours, only some scattered shorts or bits)

Dida used to recollect you as a pup who resembles a cub of a wolf. And you are looking through the open leads of cane basket with your wet nose protruding out.

She also used to recollect you as a big wolf who when barked used to send tremor to one heart.

Ma also contribute to the recollection. You used to follow her at her heel, and used to keep a sharp and vigilante eyes on her.

When I born and brought to home you take on the duty of my guardian angel. You used to lie near me. Follow me or keep an eye on me when I crawl or taking first steps.

I used to bite you, poke your eyes, and you always used to be blanket wrapping me in your paws, or turning side to let me do what I want to do.

I have only few photos of you with a couple of us in those. And your last teary eyes look when they take you away to the hospital

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