National Poem Writing Month 2021: Poem-0 : Wakening

Inspired by Aztec Kneeling Lady from The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 358

Rain has stopped a while past, after a long

while. Path to temple through the wet

verdant shadowed

in day-end light. Kneeling

she looks up–

the jungle disappear in-

to hazed white sky, with suns


9 responses to “National Poem Writing Month 2021: Poem-0 : Wakening”

  1. Nice and beautiful poem, Sangbad.


    1. Thanks…how are you?


      1. Welcome all good how are you seeing you after a long time on wordpress


        1. Busy with Finishing the Novel…and writing mostly in my mother tongue Bengali…


          1. Okay great. All the very best 🙏🙏🙏🙏


            1. Thanks…I will try to post everyday in April…


  2. 🙂 interesting that we chose the same piece of art but had very different things on our minds


    1. Yeah…I liked your take too…


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