National Poem Writing Month 2021: Poem xvi: Swing

Inspired by … Skeltonic …


Hanging from the wire
A swing made from tire.
Long one swing it
Or one has sit in it.
The road that lead to it
Long foot steps on it.
The youngs never comes,
The olds never gone.
For years the town is calm
No one visit it, none.
The youngs drive away once
Forget the town not at once.
(Whence) With the time–
The city hum and chime
Become their heartbeats.
All are dull here now.
The past keeping its vow
Of remaining old
And cold.
The only thing
That’s green
Are the leaves of apple tree
Where the tire hung, free
Of all bygone,
Waiting for ones gone.

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    1. Thanks for the read…


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