National Poem Writing Month 2021: Day xxiv: Forgotten

Inspired by National Poem Writing Month 2021 Day 24 prompt … a factual article about an animal. A Wikipedia article or something from National Geographic would do nicely – just make sure it repeats the name of the animal a lot. Now, go back through the text and replace the name of the animal with something else – it could be something very abstract, like “sadness” or “my heart,” or something more concrete, like “the streetlight outside my window that won’t stop blinking.” You should wind up with some very funny and even touching combinations, which you can then rearrange and edit into a poem…

Lament caw.

Any evening the forgotten will hop

On the cloth string. Cawing other memories to join it.

Old English poet at bookshelf verse it as murder.

Isn’t it so? Happy you are and then suddenly

Box of long forgotten jumped out just like

Corvus break the shell and wait for signal.

A murky evening with long summer day.

Soul said something but breeze said something else

Soul said it will not but breeze said it’ll rain.

Shouting at top of voice, pensive speaks of

itself; in the air its tuft of grey streap on

beak will shine.

If the lament found one intruder it will

Capture the human and will make

The person feed them morsels of despair.

Not every day or evening lament sit down

On the cloth string and speak of being itself.


Replaced words are Italicized


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