National Poem Writing Month 2021: Day xv: United

“Occasion Poem” for National Poem Writing Month 2021 Day 25 Prompt.

Days are just dull when we questioned self when it’s going to end?

Days are just expanse of blue when we fight to settle with truth.

Days, but, are just a day when we smiled and take on the fight.


Endless nights followed by day of hard and broken;

Keepin’ the devil at the threshold and laughing at their smile,

We are united by emotion carrying the torch of humanity.


At the time of uncertainty and needs, they’re leading us from front.

Looking in the eyes they’re teaching us to learn face the broken-us.

Enlightening the ones working and fighting in the frontlines

To look beyond the humanity; to delve deep in the humanity.

The Covid has cause our downfall, and they raise us from abyss.

Carrying the torch we are; united by emotion we are.


Gathering here we salute the fighters erasing the word disability

With their zeal and perseverance.

We bow to the fighters who are fighting day and night to curb

The muscles of the uncertainty.


Today on this evening, we are united by not only Paralympics,

By, but, the emotion that we share to defeat whatever halt us.


One response to “National Poem Writing Month 2021: Day xv: United”

  1. A very beautiful write Sang! The first stanza is so inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

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