National Poem Writing Month 2021: Day xxvii: Roc

Inspired by National Poem Writing Month 2021 Day 27 prompt … inspired by an entry from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. The entries are very vivid – maybe too vivid! But perhaps one of the sorrows will strike a chord with you, or even get you thinking about defining an in-between, minor, haunting feeling that you have, and that does not yet have a name.

(some night I’m a gargoyle on an old building tower)

broken wings, scabulous it is, whispers

mossed gaping eyes gazed mute

on the scape turning green to grey

sky once blue now smoked grey

the heart of it also absent–

what for I need a heart

warmth of day concluded was warm years ago

now its December cold and new moon dark

it dream of guise of a lark; midding in spreading wings

casting shadow on the moving snake

deep down the high-rise; the noon high-sun

shines on there creating shades of colours

one haven’t watched but seen

and then from nowhere comes the rain,

or the moon rise in full and yellow

and I, the gargoyle, ringlorn–

sitting on a peak I’m the roc waiting ages

for some Scheherazadete to narrate me

(some night I’m poet of poems waiting for a reader)


2 responses to “National Poem Writing Month 2021: Day xxvii: Roc”

  1. Oh, I know about the last line. Some nights we all are.


    1. Yeah…we the poets can relate to that… thanks for the read

      Liked by 1 person

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