National Poem Writing Month ’22: 5. Truce

The flock of bird fly over his head. They aboard at Panchabati.

A message he heard, the atonement of sins. It’s all this.

The sun is setting coloring the sea and the shore dark reddish orange.

Tomorrow the war will begin.

What if, he thought, this all can be halt and a truce can be draw.

What if, he thought, he show his devotion confessing on his sins.

He himself is the God though in Evil form. Receiver of boon from

Mahadev. Vishnu, they call him Rama, now standing at his door.

Shouldn’t he put his guard down and goes for a treaty?

He got up from the throne and walked to veranda.

Sun has set a little more. Over him or his kingdom Lanka?

Ravana never felt helpless as he now. Was Vibhishana right?

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