National Poem Writing Month ’22: 18. Let It be Unsaid


Up the mountain

one by one all fall to

vanity and pride

only the Elder

reach the pinnacle with

dog in guise.


Dream by lot

the men with mind expand

like blue of sky;

dream is it

all wants to achieve driven by

force not divine.


My forefathers found

mortar and sand expensive

during construction;

thus they picked

the soil red and soft to

create the wall.


Color like water

imagine what you want it

to be like;

power it is

when the trident shines in

hazed moon silver.


Books old than

time one can fathom of

speaks of it;

letters lost to

ages shape shifted becoming

force to vanquish.

9 responses to “National Poem Writing Month ’22: 18. Let It be Unsaid”

  1. Beautiful! Loved the last one.

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  2. What a lovely capture of nature and finding answers to life therein. Did I get it right?


    1. Thanks for the response…actually it’s my answers to the aspect call Religion…the first one thus speaks of Dog from Mahabharata Conclusion…it’s a hint to the question


      1. Yes I can connect that now.

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  3. You’ve captured the changing landscape so perfectly. Especially this “driven by force not divine.” puts the present day in sharp focus.

    Visiting from :


    1. Thanks for the read…I just tried to do so…


  4. Great title! And I love stanza iv, especially the image in:
    ‘…the trident shines in
    hazed moon silver’.

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    1. Thanks for the read and sharing your thoughts…

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