Red Blue Gray: Day 22

They are going to close the jail within the end of this year. They are thus disbursing me from the duty I was assigned. Now I have the choice to remain on the field or can take up a desk job in headquarter at Lal Bazar. I all need to let them know what I... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 21

I cannot keep that place out of mind. And I don’t recognize me when I think of that place. It is always someone who speaks instead of me when I think deeply of it. It feels that the palace comes in to life and speak through me. The darkness of that place pushes me to... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 20

16th May, Night I don’t know how this diary comes with me. I can recollect that I have left it locked inside the drawer of the table. Then how does it come with me I cannot understand. I am already feeling light at my heart. It just seems I was being living in some suffocating... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 19

The instruction now though stands on no-stand. The order that the letter carried was to kill the spy. The higher official ordered me to make the death look like it’s an accident not an intentional event. Now, I understand what they had said in the telegram on that day when they said—FOLLOW LETTER (STOP). I... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 18

12th April The whole surrounding seems to going out of mind and sense when a storm strikes. To-day is the second day the storm strikes here. The whole process starts with increasing darkness as the noon started to turn to early evening. The azure blue sky started colouring itself into grey. Then an hour or... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 17

20th March The jail seems to be a popular hideout for the government who when if wants to conceal one’s identity or presence. I had received this letter of a guest we are going to have in today two days back. He is a spy from one of our neighbouring countries. The letter that came... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 16 & 17

2nd March Mr. Sekhar Das Gupta handed me all the duties and responsibilities. Now I have to be the jailor of this god forsaken prison. I already hate this place for being so silent and nothing to do nature. But, at the same time I am liking this place. There was need for some to... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 15 & 16

Oh Prabhu, what do you want...why are you not taking me...take me with you...I cannot live like this, anymore...not a bit of meat...I cannot live without having flesh for so long...tell me what do you want...have I committed I need to penance...or you need atonement...say Prabhu what do you want to say...what do you... Continue Reading →

Red Blue Gray: Day 14

What a horrid dream I had last night. There’s this tantrik with big matted beard on face and peak of bun of his head. His eyes were closed and he had the voice like that of brontide. And he was chanting like spring breeze sounded when it pass through the leaves. And he was sitting... Continue Reading →

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