Ennead #2: Alcohol, Plea & Freedom (Are We Taking Care #5)

  --1-- Hey, look your son drunk...he can't walk properly...he's searching the way to home... Hey, uncle, your daughter drunk...she can't walk...look the strap is out...oh...sexy... Son, never make it a habit. What a feat you had showed. I'm ashamed to be your father. --2-- Turn to me. Can't you hear me turn to me now...okay...you're a... Continue Reading →


A Different Love Poem: Are We Taking Care? #4

Cont'd...        --f-- The phone has stopped after ringing third time in consecutiveness. She look at her reflection in the mirror. Thousand questions rumbling in her mind. What does he have? A house? No. What does he have? A stable job? No. What does he have? So many "what does he have" she... Continue Reading →

Are We Taking Care? #3

Continued... --e-- Its the shelter for the homeless,  Its the haven they are looking for... The words of old Old King seems to be echoed-- As the old mason woke up that morning. He look around. For last twenty years it is home-- Which will now, from next day, not. He walked around the room... Continue Reading →

Are We Taking Care? #2

Continued... --c-- The spring sun was high in the sky. The singing of cuckoo could be heard. The thirty years old, once renowned, poet woke up, she was still heavy at the head. She looked around and found silence. She drowsily light a cigarette-- And open her blog account to see the reactions to her poem. She... Continue Reading →

Are We Taking Care?

--a-- The books are being stacked against the stone walls for long now; They are now feast for termites and others living--who lives by having papers as meals. The walls are marked by dots and holes--some're taped by papers, some're not-- Creating a dotted collage on the mud floor. The hands that are needed to... Continue Reading →

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