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Summer Musings (Haiku)


Haiku have many forms of writing. Tried few of them. Let me know your comments.

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2 (Tanka): Mean & Have

vanity power

expansion war lost its self

becoming a mean

to shout for weak peace is

reflection see and react


[Don’t know whether something like Angsty Tanka exists. So, trying one. Let me know your thoughts.]

peace was what I had

when you were here beside me

war is what I have

empty pack of cigarettes

yellow memories soul tore



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Desire (Tanka)


weather was summer

noon not beautiful soul but

her body I crave for

desire got life drop of rain

magic curse of distance lave


#Lave is literary term for Wash

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Colleen Chesebro Haiku

Messenger (Haiku)


season mellow moon 

full dense grasses Easter Hare

spreading joy of dreams


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Image: Easter Bunny on a 1907 postcard procured from Wikipedia

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Two (Haiku & Tanka): Victory & Darling



gust spread roti bits cause

chagrin cooed or caws in joy

basking its victory


sometimes cause of laugh

in lorn hours sometimes cry in

meanwhile sometimes joy

in a lost moment sometimes

chagrin your memories darling

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