Summer Musings (Haiku)

  Haiku have many forms of writing. Tried few of them. Let me know your comments. A May Morning Morning breeze throb spring  memory cuckoo singing from neighbor neem branch [5-7-5] Palettes of Morning Fire here gold hue there scattered krishnachura radhachura add color here and there [Freeverse Haiku] Shade Squirrel leap branch to another one want shade [3-5-3]... Continue Reading →

2 (Tanka): Mean & Have

vanity power expansion war lost its self becoming a mean to shout for weak peace is reflection see and react --xx-- [Don't know whether something like Angsty Tanka exists. So, trying one. Let me know your thoughts.] peace was what I had when you were here beside me war is what I have empty pack of cigarettes... Continue Reading →

Desire (Tanka)

  weather was summer noon not beautiful soul but her body I crave for desire got life drop of rain magic curse of distance lave --xx-- #Lave is literary term for Wash RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #145: Beautiful & Curse Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #30: Wish (Crave) & Magic Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge #41: Weather & Life Haiku Horizons #165: Drop    

Messenger (Haiku)

  season mellow moon  full dense grasses Easter Hare spreading joy of dreams ~~xx~~ Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #29: Hard (Dense) & Soft (Mellow) Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge #40: Season & Easter   Image: Easter Bunny on a 1907 postcard procured from Wikipedia

Two (Haiku & Tanka): Victory & Darling

  ~1~ gust spread roti bits cause chagrin cooed or caws in joy basking its victory ~2~ sometimes cause of laugh in lorn hours sometimes cry in meanwhile sometimes joy in a lost moment sometimes chagrin your memories darling RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #143: Chagrin & Joy Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #28: Laugh & Cry

Shadow (Tanka)

  fog around waxed edge disrupted by spring breeze dark getting new fresh shade light of every moment renew as new bit lights up surround Inspired by Candle Light by Sushmita Mukherjee (Uniquesus) RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #142: Spring & Fresh Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #27: Light & Dark Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge #38: Lights & Fog

Dusk (Tanka)

  color of water  changing slowly spring sunset orange it is birds chirp bees buzz compose eve aria color of earth changing slowly Picture: Dusk at Shyok river (Ghanche, Pakistan) by S.M.Bukhari Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge #26-Earth & Water Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge Week #37-Earth & Spring

When Nature Muse #6 (Tanka)

the wind was gloomy seeing her sad and drooping the mid spring breeze felt clouds moved moon breath sky turn white   casablanca smiled wind gust #Casablanca is Casablanca Lily To Read Other Moments When Nature Muse click Nature Musings.  Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #25 Clouds & Spring

When Nature Muse #2 (Tanka)

eve city aria at high the the spring wind give a push clouds move the moon peeped out sky anxious anyone saw anyone adore the moment 03/08/2017   Daily Prompt: Nervous (Anxious) Re-posting for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #25 Clouds & Spring

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