Padmavati: A 21st Century Tale of Jauhar

I seldom right on the type of the topic that I'm going to write down now. Because it seems (to me) gimmick to be popular in your circle. But, this issue I want to write, I want to speak... Not long ago, in January of 2017, a film set was vandalized and its director Sanjay Leela... Continue Reading →

এক কাপ চায়ের স্মৃতি/ Memory of a Cup of Tea

স্মৃতি, মন এরা বড্ড বিশ্বাসঘাতক... আজ ছুটী...ঠিক করে রেখেছিলাম একটা লেখা লিখেও লেখা হছিল না সেটা লিখব...কিন্তু আর লেখা হবে বলে মনে হয় না...মা মাসির বাড়ি গেছেন তাই কাল অনেক রাত অব্ধি বই পরে সকালে দেরিতে উঠলাম... আজ প্রথমবার জীবনে চা করে খেলাম...রুপাইয়ের কণ্ঠস্বর শুনতে পাছিলাম কারন একবার দু বছর আগে যখন মার সাথে মালদা... Continue Reading →

Dear Ma,

When I think of my childhood, my boyhood, my teen I cannot recollect memories of you in all these years is seeing you going to the office...when friends, colleagues speak of their dearest childhood memories of being with Ma I have nothing to say except "my Mom is a working mother, so, she never got... Continue Reading →


My Fellow Blogger Friends, The last month April has drained me out literary.  So, I'm going on a sabbatical for few weeks from writing from today (2nd May, 2017). So, there will be fewer posts--one or two or none. I'll attempt if I feel the Daily Prompt only because today what Thoughts is, is for... Continue Reading →

M: A Shade of Satisfaction

  The M series ends here. At first, it was not a series but a long essay of 1,500+ words. After reading two of the post by Shreya (MysteriousSoul) and Akhila (Words and Notion), I thought to post the whole essay in one go. But, while re-reading and re-editing I found it was becoming tiresome for me... Continue Reading →

Award Free & Guest Post

Hmmm....I want to say few things...actually, let start it...   Last few weeks, I had been nominated for two awards--one was Cramm Award by The Flittering Soul and another Versatile Blogger Award (I had lost the track who had nominated me for this). I had thought many words, many comments to write the acceptance... Continue Reading →

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