Let’s Redefine the Love: A Review on Laila Majnu, the Movie

Once in a while, there's released a movie that can make to sit back and immerse in the rhythm that the story carrying. Laila Majnu is such a movie.  The story we all know. Imitiaz Ali had rewritten the story with his brother Sajid Ali who is the director of the movie. To retold the... Continue Reading →

The Peak of the Crescendo: A MI–Fallout Review

He is 56. His last movie was not such a great thing. And he is the best they have got. The beauty of a crescendo lies in the picking up softly and then reaching the peak. Mission: Impossible--Fallout is the peak of the symphony name Ethan Hunt. This month it is Night Shift back at... Continue Reading →

Midnight’s Children: A Review

Some books are like enjoying the calmness of a harsh summer daybreak. You've to sit back and let the characters enthrall you like apparitions. They are there but you know they are not real or might be. They are just like the shadow that leave a long shadow on the thought process of ours, the... Continue Reading →

Padmaavat…(More Than) A Few Words

Mesmerizing and captivating. Only two words that came to my mind as the end scroll started scrolling after a few seconds of silence--in memoirs of the sacrifice by Rani and other women, it seems. After a decade in the development phase, casting, and recasting, plus, a year of protests for sake of saving our ideology Padmaavat (rechristened from... Continue Reading →

A Review on The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi carry on the story from the last episode (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)) taking the cue from Episode IV, V and VI. It has been written using three-layer strata. One stratum is inside the ship under Princess Leia and Poe Dameron; the second one is Ahch-To... Continue Reading →

Everybody Knows… A Justice League Review

  Justice League introduces four superheroes together. Batman ('cause he is still to get his solo movie in this Extended Universe), Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.  We know of Aquaman very less and same goes for Cyborg. When they come together for the movie, we've expected we'll be told their stories, especially of Aquaman and Cyborg; not... Continue Reading →

Mom: A Movie Review

The story we all know. Daughter got rape and her mother or loved one take the revenge or sometimes the girl herself. So, when the storyline is like this you, me, we all sit back and says it is not hall-worth...let it be Premier on the TV. Yeah, when I went to watch Mom I was thinking... Continue Reading →

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