Guise to Hunt (Micro-Horror Fiction)

  The villagers know he is doing all these nuisances. The fact they are unaware of is that he is taking a different guise each time. So, when they are cursing him he is in front of them but they cannot see him. He wakes up. The summer noon sun is high in the sky. It…… Continue reading Guise to Hunt (Micro-Horror Fiction)

When the Devil Sneeze (Micro-Thriller)

Everyone searching him everywhere. But, catching him turning out to be a matter of toil. A simpleton New York guy whose day job is to be life statue in the Time Square and waiter in a downtown bar just vanished two days ago, after stabbing his boss with a broken beer bottle. He had caught his…… Continue reading When the Devil Sneeze (Micro-Thriller)

Incomplete (Micro/Flash Fiction)

  “You should–” Mrs. Basu is going to consult his client but she cannot as he gives her a smile. “She needs the freedom, sister, freedom…I am giving her that…” He said into her ears before knocking the push-button of his Pierre Cardin on the table. Let’s talk…let’s give us a chance… Tania heard her…… Continue reading Incomplete (Micro/Flash Fiction)

Mrs. Sommer (Flash Ghost Fiction)

  Simi with scared eyes looked at the pair of mannequins–Mr. Sommer, a man in his mid-forties, and his little daughter, Lina, she was not more than ten years.  “Mrs. Sommer…will you now stand as it was in the painting…” Simi train of thoughts derailed by her photographer cum husband Subho’s voice. “The innkeeper was…… Continue reading Mrs. Sommer (Flash Ghost Fiction)

Loft (Micro Fiction)

  They…all…say she’s the one…I’ll take her down…it’s time…6.30 PM she comes I know…I’ve been stalking her for the last couple of days…hush…there she come…it’s her voice… She searched him everywhere and ended up at the table. I’ll fire this nurse…she mumbled after finding the number of tablets was not less than one from last night. She went out…… Continue reading Loft (Micro Fiction)