Guest Post #3: You are no God to me…(Chirasree)

It’s Monday. And it’s the day for the Guest Post at Thoughts. So, this week I’ve a letter from a girl to her parents.  You are no God to me… Chirasree Mom & Dad, You are no God to me. You are just human beings. You made mistakes and at times I thought I hated you;…

Guest Post #2: The Ordeals Of Being a Father! (Archya Sengupta)

It’s Monday and it’s blue already. Monday means, now, also Guest Post at Thoughts. Last week I had shared the post that speaks on the Introverts, this week I’m going to share a light-hearted comedy adventure of a young Lady and her parents. The narrator was her Father.  The Ordeals of Being a Father: Archya Sengupta