Triptych (Haiku/Senryu): Haunted, Cursed & Blessed

  how can it be you are dead sixty days now it should be him with her Sunday Strange Microfiction (03/20/2017) morn few bits left all lice need to found or he will be she she will he Sunday Strange Microfiction (03/26/2017) six chosen savant bless the new prince the true blood collecting pebble for bread Sunday…… Continue reading Triptych (Haiku/Senryu): Haunted, Cursed & Blessed

One Rainy Spring Eve Dream(Villanelle)

I was out for a stroll, that wet spring evening, through the verdant grassland. The rain had stopped that noon, letting the season to paint the eve with its hue There were murmuration, cool soft breeze, and, flying a little above the ground, she… I was in the room, for last two days down with…… Continue reading One Rainy Spring Eve Dream(Villanelle)

The Curse of the Dead (Cascade Form)

    The weak light of sun penciled on the beach in burnt orange Softly the waves splash on the beach drawing abstract patterns Most of the birds were being to their shelter; few left were on the way The rain had stopped; the wet beach had been extended deep in the beach.   The sand…… Continue reading The Curse of the Dead (Cascade Form)