2 (Haiku): Gift & Color

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Hair --i-- Jim was looking Della; as the Comb felt unlucky                                              for the hair, Jim adore... [Based on O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi] ---x--- --ii-- He was confused on the … Continue reading 2 (Haiku): Gift & Color


Triplet of Haiku #3: Murder, Love & Captive

JusJoJan Daily Prompt: History --1-- As I move high, be- fore going away, I learn histo- ry of my murder... --2-- Jot down history Of my incomplete love... My Dear Kolkata --3-- Few hours went, and, History capture anoth- er city, the, Pompeii...

Out of The Blue: An Incomplete Portrait

JusJoJan Daily Prompt: Elusive   A shroud of elusive thoughts started shrouding me that morning, out of the blue. I, at first, didn't pay attention to it 'cause I was basking in the young morning light-- Reading Unaccustomed Earth, sitting at my favorite cozy space on my sofa. Patterns of the floral window frame was casting an … Continue reading Out of The Blue: An Incomplete Portrait