Triplet of Haiku #3: Murder, Love & Captive

JusJoJan Daily Prompt: History –1– As I move high, be- fore going away, I learn histo- ry of my murder… –2– Jot down history Of my incomplete love… My Dear Kolkata –3– Few hours went, and, History capture anoth- er city, the, Pompeii…

Out of The Blue: An Incomplete Portrait

JusJoJan Daily Prompt: Elusive   A shroud of elusive thoughts started shrouding me that morning, out of the blue. I, at first, didn’t pay attention to it ’cause I was basking in the young morning light– Reading Unaccustomed Earth, sitting at my favorite cozy space on my sofa. Patterns of the floral window frame was casting an…… Continue reading Out of The Blue: An Incomplete Portrait