Sabishii [Troiku]

The sleigh [Tan Taigi (Translation by Keisen)] Looking back; Now each other Being in the snow Horse 1 looking back the old days are broken frames infested treasure Horse 2 now each other walked away silence is path end mist wish encounter  Horse 3 being in the snow love is saved a secret cave ice flakes covered path  Sabishii…… Continue reading Sabishii [Troiku]

Camouflage (52-Word & 6-Sentence Science Fiction)

She wants to look around, but, she cannot. She is undercover. He had put on her a long coat and trousers with a backpack like human women carries. Everything brightened up round her. He took her up; thrust a wire through the loop of the needle in her hand. These photographers…she whine. Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo…… Continue reading Camouflage (52-Word & 6-Sentence Science Fiction)

My Memories of Her (Kamishibai): A Collaborative Project

In Collaboration with my dear Lady Henry Chirashree. The story was written by her. “The view is breathtaking!” my wife said being excited. monsoon sun bid long ago sea roar clouds at horizon lighthouse the white horse neigh I remain silent. The sea is tumultuous and the evening sky is black like the night for the gathering of…… Continue reading My Memories of Her (Kamishibai): A Collaborative Project


I don’t know whether I’ll be able to learn the name of this moment. The weak light from west forming a pattern The lattice is the sculptor for this abstract drawing. The wind that meant to soothe me is breathless and silent The ants have assemble in a clutter; they’ll soon form a queue to me I lay. Let my body…… Continue reading Penultimate