A Lunatic Hit by a Car

In the pool of blood lies the Finger—decapitated and snatched From its owner’s hand. Whose finger was that? Every one knew nothing of the man; Every one knows something of the man. Lonely and singular finger was thumb; The nail of whose has been uprooted And now there a fly flies Shading its hazed shadow…… Continue reading A Lunatic Hit by a Car

A Rumination on the Existence

S’times I think how death looks like… Does it look like a grey Autumn morn or A sunblazed yellow Summer afternoon… We all are busy designing mask for it But, aren’t we the mask? Lifeless structure infused with power,– Drawing energy from flow of time… Almighty… Allah…Bhagwan…Guru… We name the mask of our survival But,…… Continue reading A Rumination on the Existence


Verses untold remain posit Like my oatmeal in the bowl. Morning has come when it was to Ascending of afternoon has started. The lorn lonely words finding sentence Like the dotted butterfly flying over leaves. বাটির তলানিতে যেমন পড়ে আছে ওটমিল চুপকবিতারা পড়ে আছে সে’ভাবে। সকাল এসেছিল নিজের মতো দুপুরের অবতরণ আরম্ভ হয় গেছে। রঙিন…… Continue reading Lorn/নির্বাসিত