Warmth [A Flash Fiction]

The sun will not rise today because it's cloudy from the fog, and there had been snowfall last night. I took a deep breath, the deep my heart can't take, and leave it rather cough it out. A smoke of a few seconds. Last night what had happened, was waiting to have happened. It's being … Continue reading Warmth [A Flash Fiction]


One Saturday

  Pearl D'Costa sit down at her table to count the cash. It's Saturday and she keeps her Diner open thirty minutes past the eleven o'clock--Pearl's Half Hour Saturday Special her beloved and regular customers named it. But, she cannot count the cash. Her mind is vagabond from the morning after she saw the morning paper. … Continue reading One Saturday


His steps were stammering. The drizzle had decreased thirty minutes ago, after a heavy spell. There was shawl enveloping s'thing on his back--in darkness it can't be determine. Halt...who goes there...He remain silent. So...it's you...the bounty hunter smiled wryly. He grasping breath said later...she need warmth...The news had spread at great extent crossing the mountains--daughter of Mayor had … Continue reading Captive