Hermit II: Dawn Eclipse

National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#26: Today, taking our cue from today’s craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that includes images that engage all five senses. Try to be as concrete and exact as possible with the “feel” of what the poem invites the reader to see, smell, touch, taste... Continue Reading →


Infusing The young night With your exhiliration. Traversing From faith at your nape To the mole on your Cupid's bow. Down Streaming your body I'm mountain river, you're its bed. Erosional Your dress from this evening; Wave Your untied hairs, your exstacy As I splash on your warm skin.


morning is here on the headboard emptiness with October morn breeze brushing me while the clouded sun bask me, my bare parts of sweaty body. you're also here as anger as desperation as reason of turmoil inside soul under the waist inside the nightshort. sun rays collaged on my body as hand replicates the warmth... Continue Reading →

At the Backseat of Mercedes

The car now smell you, me, us not of some freshner. The silence here surpassed by your, mine, our moan. Pull me closer not to your bosom but to your lips. Release me; your strand grasped tight. Release me; your aroused breast rest on my thigh. Release me; let me release 'ween your teeth.

Chocolat II: Summon & Plea

  Sequel to Chocolat The drop of chocolate on your cupid bow is enchanting as if dew has dropped on grass-- In an autumn morning and the sun glistening on it... But, I'll not make the move unless you order me my priestess; please recite the words To be close to you, to coagulate me... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt: Delivery The mouth still taste chocolate The wrapper you crumbling In your tender round palm. The eyes of yours looking At me as I vice versa. We both are out of Cloth--spread like Cards from a Destroyed House. Chain Me. Drag me To you. Erase this Bay. Let me be your Slave. Say... Continue Reading →

Mid-Night Waltz

Slowly softly let's dance in mid-night silence Let our breaths draw all the quietude from the moments. Put your lips down there; (let) your breasts rest on my thighs. Release me from this storm and settle me between your lips. Don't you worry my Quinn; I'll free you too sooner not later. I'll surrender to... Continue Reading →

On the Quill

I'll kiss the quill on the back beside the strap Before I free your dark ebony hair And turn you around to kiss your lips. I will keep my mouth on the quill  As I undress you slowly. No, don't worry when I'll love you-- I'll be in front of you; enveloping you-- Letting you... Continue Reading →

A Voyage to Sink

Your body is pacific sea where the waves are your breast heaving softly. Let me sail on it and kiss the sun at the horizon on your full lips. The crescendo of our love, that the night guise in its silence, Will reach the peak shattering the nocturnal serenity When I will sink in you,... Continue Reading →

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