Two (Haiku): Life & Breath

–a– lost center lost ra- dius life is it rounding err rounding err –b– on thirteenth day sun set when Abhimanyu in center breath last [Abhimanyu was son of Arjuna & Subhadra in Mahabharata. He was incarnation of Chandra (Moon God) & due to a pact he had lived for 16 years and was killed […]

Another Quartet of Haiku: Shower, Ruin, Passion & Easel

  –i– arid the land was hazed mind fail determining reason  winter rain or not –ii– ruin stand arid west sun tired shades cannot disguise  the lorn look it borne  –iii– individual  souls remain arid the two reignite passion –iv– desperate fingers draw colored arid on canvas he know what other not Arid has an array of meaning. The […]

Two (Haiku) (Song of Sacrificed Souls): Unspoken & Incomplete 

                               –1– in shade of imposed smiles hid the unspoken words in glitter of built time                   –2– in the warm spring wind glitter the hazed resonance of incompleteness Daily Prompt: Glitter