Two (Haiku): Life & Breath

--a-- lost center lost ra- dius life is it rounding err rounding err --b-- on thirteenth day sun set when Abhimanyu in center breath last [Abhimanyu was son of Arjuna & Subhadra in Mahabharata. He was incarnation of Chandra (Moon God) & due to a pact he had lived for 16 years and was killed... Continue Reading →

Another Quartet of Haiku: Shower, Ruin, Passion & Easel

  --i-- arid the land was hazed mind fail determining reason  winter rain or not --ii-- ruin stand arid west sun tired shades cannot disguise  the lorn look it borne  --iii-- individual  souls remain arid the two reignite passion --iv-- desperate fingers draw colored arid on canvas he know what other not Arid has an array of meaning. The... Continue Reading →

A Quintet of Haiku

      --i-- the leave wash the sweat  of dew as the heat of winter young morn sun rose up --ii-- in sweat of the ruin it was not coldness but the heat of boyhood embraced --iii-- heat of wet twigs balm her sweaty hands she embrace the open sky above her --iv-- the... Continue Reading →

Two (Haiku): Hold & Whisper

  The following Haiku I had written few days back in comments to my two blogger friends. Collecting them under my Two collection and sharing with more of you.    --i-- griefs all we have forever to hold or to leave we have to decide This was written to comment on TRANSLATE MY PAIN by GRIEF POETRY.... Continue Reading →

Florilegium: Half a Dozen of Haiku

  --1-- overthought from the broken love reason  lost in translate verse --2-- our time had gone or not do not know story of ours cannot be translate  --3-- the spring breeze trying to translate silence of young now old hearts after years --4-- lost in translate long he look for another kite reason for... Continue Reading →

2 (Haiku): Gift & Color

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Hair --i-- Jim was looking Della; as the Comb felt unlucky                                              for the hair, Jim adore... [Based on O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi] ---x--- --ii-- He was confused on the... Continue Reading →

2 (Haiku): Beckoning & Ending

Daily Prompt: Yellow --1-- Green on branches, Yellow ones on the street. Spring is coming. --2-- Aureliano Ends Melquíades yellow script before The storm hit... From Poet's Desk: The second one is based on the climax of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

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