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Two (Haiku): Life & Breath


lost center lost ra-

dius life is it rounding

err rounding err


on thirteenth day sun

set when Abhimanyu in

center breath last

[Abhimanyu was son of Arjuna & Subhadra in Mahabharata. He was incarnation of Chandra (Moon God) & due to a pact he had lived for 16 years and was killed on 13th Day of the Kurukshetra War in the Chakravyuh. The sun, according to the epic, had set early on that day.]

Daily Prompt: Center

Daily Prompts Poem-Florilegium

Another Quartet of Haiku: Shower, Ruin, Passion & Easel



arid the land was hazed mind

fail determining reason 

winter rain or not


ruin stand arid west sun

tired shades cannot disguise 

the lorn look it borne 



souls remain arid the two

reignite passion


desperate fingers

draw colored arid on canvas

he know what other not

Arid has an array of meaning. The meaning the word bore in each Haiku are:

i. wasted

ii. lifeless

iii. thirsty

iv. soul-destroying

Daily Prompt: Arid

Picture: Rain/Ruins by Ashley Busby from Saatchi Art

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A Quintet of Haiku





the leave wash the sweat 

of dew as the heat of winter

young morn sun rose up


in sweat of the ruin

it was not coldness but the

heat of boyhood embraced


heat of wet twigs balm

her sweaty hands she embrace the

open sky above her


the line of sweat form

outline as she bask in the

heat of ecstasy 



Sweat on her temple

heat on her hand she vision

shadow of future


In Response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #137 

Sweat & Heat

#v is a very late response to Sunday Strange Microfiction Challenge (12/02/2017) by Jane Dougherty


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Two (Haiku): Hold & Whisper


The following Haiku I had written few days back in comments to my two blogger friends. Collecting them under my Two collection and sharing with more of you. 



griefs all we have
forever to hold or to leave
we have to decide


This was written to comment on TRANSLATE MY PAIN by GRIEF POETRY. Few first lines from the poem was like this:

If I could translate my pain into color
It would be black
Because all I see is deep darkness
A darkness black in color
If I could translate my pain into food
It would be pizza
Because it is round with no end in sight 



depth of ache brings the
words out of whisper of the
all unspoken thoughts



This was written to in reply to a comment by Meenakshi (Sethi) Ma’am on my poem SONG OF SACRIFICED SOULS: THE LOVE NOTES & THE AUTUMN GUST (TANKA)



Daily Prompts Haiku Poem-Florilegium

Two (Haiku) (Song of Sacrificed Souls): Unspoken & Incomplete 



in shade of imposed

smiles hid the unspoken words

in glitter of built time


in the warm spring wind

glitter the hazed resonance of


Daily Prompt: Glitter