A Salute to the Teacher [A Poem by a 16 year old Poet]

13 years on this day I had written my first poem. So, am sharing that.


A Few Temporary Matters

Today am sharing one of my Bengali poem in English wrote long ago, about 5-6 years ago. Please share your thoughts on this. ---------------------------------------------------- the sun light that peeping into my room will fall in the wall in same angle in same tangent other days of this season maybe next season and other seasons but … Continue reading A Few Temporary Matters

Amrita: My First (Long-Lost) Love Poem

Amrita, You're mine long-lost Atlanta. Seeing you make me the remembrance of Begum, of any Badshah. Seeing you I can draw a treasure map. Your arrival forecast the arrival of a storm. Seeing you I can make out ancient poets' words on the love. Your words pamper the weather around of yours, The words that arouse from … Continue reading Amrita: My First (Long-Lost) Love Poem

The Plea of Sinbad: A Pantoum

There it is, again...swimming through the pacific air...from the misty distance Have you heard it? Have you? Ahoy mate...don't close your ears...tell me...assure me...it is really happening? Anchored the ship...hold the mast...hold... Have you heard it? Have you? The voice...no, voices becoming clear...like the sky in the summer...but, it's not summer... Anchored the ship...hold the … Continue reading The Plea of Sinbad: A Pantoum