Café Chats 5/20: Welcome to the Café

Earned a mention in fellow blogger’s blog…Thanks to all my friends and Sailorpoet for reading and liking my poems…special thanks to two ladies–Meenakshi Di and Gina….



Sometimes some poem just makes you stop and push you in brown thought. This poem is one of such that made me halt to read few more time. A surprising poem by my dear blogger friend Cherry…

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Guest Post: M – A Story of Period

M: A Story of Period is now featured on Friday Guest Author Post
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Sangbad Mitra

Blog: Thoughts of Words

Our society.

The great Indian society.

We speak in Hinglish or Benglish or a’thing else – whatever comes to your mind. We attire ourselves in Western outfit, we sing their songs as if they are sung by our artists, we dance to the hip-hop, Michael Jackson and all – Bharatnatyam is so old, so boring… Our favorite eating junctions are KFC, Subway, etcetera etcetera. We also like to talk in the Western colloquial – ‘yes man’ becomes ‘yoo maan’…

Where am I going with this babble and habble, eccentric talks? I’m going to talk about the treasured prejudice we hold as Indian. I’m going to talk about the ‘M’.

M = Menstruation

Shocked, I think…I can imagine…disgrace with me…I know…I know…you want to stop reading this, but first of all, you need to deny that Kamasutra had been written in India, by an Indian; you’ve to…

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It’s Not Going to Be Today | Sangbad

My Guest Post at The Nostalgia Diaries…posted originally in my blog on occasion of the 14th February…read and share your feelings ’cause as always I like Review besides the Like…and please also visit the Nostalgia blog they’ll make you nostalgic I can guarantee on that…

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This week’s Music Monday reader submission comes from Sangbad over atThoughts of Words. He’s a prolific poet and storyteller, and he crafted a lovely poem that heshared on his siteon Valentine’s Day.  In his post, Sangbad describes his creation:

“When it comes to writing a story we follow the dialogue and scene format…there are many forms of a story like a flashback, epistolary, etc…but, they adhere to the defined format of dialogue and scene…why not write a story where there’ll be scene and songs…why not write a story in poem (written by self) and songs (listen to or written self)…

It’s Not Going To Be Today had been written when this idea struck me a few days before Valentine’s Day…the poems are written by me while the songs are the songs I listen to (few of them are my favorite)…hope you’ll enjoy this my approach telling a…

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Written by a beautiful talented young lady…can’t resist to re-blog this…


A paroxysm to sire.

A wanderlust, a desire.

Soledad, I come home.

Wish for a glass of Merlot

and dream ofRome

Following my mind,

you pull me close

‘Leave behind the mires’,

you urge me so.

In the dark of theroom,

you lead me on.

Tease me, seduce me,

on the desk, then the porch.

In the scintillating darkness,

I pin you to the sheets.

Ink you with passion,

watch you wriggle and writhe.

In the gentle tweaking

of my fingers,

I see you twist and curl.

As minutesbecome hours,

you bleed in my colours.

The fierce and the fragile

unleash every emotion.

As night approaches dawn,

divinely, both are undone.

Breathless but relaxed,

yearning yet satisfied,

a thing of sheer beauty yourself,

And oh, just howI’m fully alive!


Asha Seth

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