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Warmth [A Flash Fiction]

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The Storm & the Queen (Micro/Flash Fiction)


The rain is pouring cats and dogs. The roof shakes as the storm violently brushes over the thatched roof. He looks at the incomplete statue. He has left it in midway ’cause he was not satisfied all of sudden. This also not going anywhere near to his want or imagination. He wants to imagine her face, but, fantasizing the queen is sin.

The incomplete statues still stand tall. When a nonseasonal storm howl over the meadow, local says it’s the scream of the villagers who have got washed away six centuries ago in a flood leaving behind these incomplete statues.


[The story had been written in Historical Present Tense]

For Thursday Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent


Triplet (Haiku/Senryu): Trail, Message & Despair



sun sinking slowly

horizon gold gull flew fast

before losing trail


sky on sea orange

water also mermaid peeped

gull passed the message

[Based on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen (1837)]


Crusoe suspire soft

Friday look at him another

day ends in despair

[Based on Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (1719)]

Thursday Photo Prompt (03/30/2017) by Sue Vincent


December, 1941

The city used to shine in the early morn light. The sea, then a river, used to hold it in its bosom as lover hold his beloved photo in the locked locket. When the stars on the clear winter sky used to twinkle, the river used to be shining from the lights of the city. The breeze used to blow the Christmas Carol all around making the night more serene and melancholy.

An Early Morn

The old storyteller stopped looking at the beach in the setting sun. He said, after lighting his pipe and leaving the dense smoke, in marooned voice–December, 1941 changed it all… 

The Beach

In response to 100 Word Wednesday: Week 11 & Thursday Photo Prompt (03/23/2017)

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