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A Cameo Name Ego

Ten years. A decade.

A long time again a time passed in a snap just. Continue reading A Cameo Name Ego


Robe (Featured)


National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#27: Today,

following Lauren Hunter’s practice of relying on tarot cards to generate ideas for poems, we challenge you to pick a card (any card), and then to write a poem inspired either by the card or by the images or ideas that are associated with it. Continue reading Robe (Featured)



National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#19: Write a poem taking the cue from Dan Brady’s suggestion that erasure/word banks can allow for compelling repetitive effects. Today we challenge you to write a paragraph that briefly recounts a story, describes the scene outside your window, or even gives directions from your house to the grocery store. Now try erasing words from this paragraph to create a poem or, alternatively, use the words of your paragraph to build a new poem. Continue reading Road