The Wee Hours We're Livin' In…

Everyone is celebrating to-day. The celebration had started when the news flashed on the National TV channels and web browsers. A moment of silence to get indulge into suddenness of the news and then a loud cheer and hurrah. Yes, the four rapists had been killed by the police. At last the soul of Doctor... Continue Reading →

2nd Year…

Last year after attempting two years in National Poem Writing Month (held in April annually), I thought why not give a chance to the National Novel Writing Month (held in November annually). So, I had participated in it. And my laptop breaks down after I crossed the 25,000 words limit. It was half of the... Continue Reading →

Basking in the Sun

There was a time, when the sun used to peeped through the clouds in a monsoon morning or when the morning was late and lazy and study books closed, I used to lie down where the pencils of the rays used to draw their lines-- it might be the edge of the bed or the... Continue Reading →

Here I Am…

How long I have not been all have forgotten me...or has given up on me...this post is a bit of what I am up to... On the other side of the road the organizer is playing "তখন তোমার একুশ বছর..." (You might be twenty-one that time...) The song was composed by Bappi Lahiri and... Continue Reading →

Just a “Hello”

Yeah, yeah. I know I have not been here after the April National Poem Writing Month. Many of you have already forgotten me or have stopped to follow this blog. Few days back though during an update few of my untitled incomplete Bengali poems had got posted making me realized sometimes incomplete is the complete.... Continue Reading →

At Thirty-One…

With a cigarette on the mouth, you dreamed of the world to be under your feet. Hsuan-tsang, Magellan, Livingstone, Colonel Suresh Biswas used to be there in your mind. The world, the journey, the unknowns used to attract you more than the tender loves and the addictions that your friends used to be submerged in.... Continue Reading →

April, 2019…

2016, a boy who love to write, especially poems, was looking to vent out through cigarettes and drinks; drugs he had promised to self not to take. He was just trying to forget the girl he had been in love. On November of the year, he created a WordPress blog account. Though he had posted... Continue Reading →

Thoughts 2

Last year November my blog had completed its two years. Though I haven't been able to post on that day; and that's all credit goes to my dear companion, my laptop. It is being with me for last six or seven years. Yeah, it's a long time. But, this post is not for Mr.Laptop; (but)... Continue Reading →

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