Smile [100-Word]

I opened my wallet for tenth time or eleventh–I’ve lost count; there are not much there. The rumor was true now it seems; the market crashed and many are kicked out; when I’ll be paid my salary or whether it will happen sooner, no surety of it. I had called her telling I’ll be late,…… Continue reading Smile [100-Word]

The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]

The prompt of 75th Week of Three Line Tales by Sonya suddenly made me remember a story by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The name of the story is “Madhu-Malati” and was written in 1957 (Bengali Year 1364). The premise of the story was the area around S.P. College (Sir Parashurambhau College) in Pune City, Maharastra State, India and…… Continue reading The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]

Golden Hue (Micro/Flash Fiction)

  It is a few days ago, he has tested the chain, tucking it at nails, of the balcony, from one corner to another one at another corner; few bulbs were dis-functioning, so he has changed them. Her face lightened up as the chain is put on power; the garden is looking heavenly in accumulate golden…… Continue reading Golden Hue (Micro/Flash Fiction)

Run, Steal or Kill (Micro Fiction)

  “You’ve to pick and run…then the turkey is all yours…” little Tania looked at Uncle before looking across the street at the cafe where her mother is. “Darling…can you steal the necklace…” She looked outside and find out her daughter speaking with the husband; loan from this couple making their life miserable; her eyes…… Continue reading Run, Steal or Kill (Micro Fiction)