Song (Traveller’s Poem)

  The song that need to be sing, had been sang for the day. The tune is still flying in the breeze, creating a soft murmuration. The violin box that remain unopened, lie back at view in prominence. The band is now scattered, at the cafe, drinking and gathering praise and extra bucks. The door … Continue reading Song (Traveller’s Poem)


Life Trilogy (A Traveller’s Prose Poem)

    Three Line Tales Week #58 The Present... Looking at life from the other side of the gridded fence; memories, achievements, failures seems to form a cumulonimbus cloud--impregnated with moments.   Photo: Frank Jansen 100 Word Wednesday Week #8, Bikur Gurl The Past... Watching life seems to be looking at the ruin that's standing on … Continue reading Life Trilogy (A Traveller’s Prose Poem)

The Melting Snow: Smile of the Cabin Owner (Traveler’s Tanka)

        the eve is coming down not quicken he smile as sun burn down for moon melting snow is aid to re-- veal untold hush of summer Traveler March, 20– To read more of Traveler poems visit Traveler.       Daily Prompt (02/28/2017): Quicken RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #138 Secret (Untold) & … Continue reading The Melting Snow: Smile of the Cabin Owner (Traveler’s Tanka)

A Question That Haunts Me (Traveller Poem)

    Water, foamed and proud, clapping on the rock. Dock was vacant; silence present in interim. Cream of waves leaving mark, on beach, in dusted eve light Flight of seagulls were in hurry to return home as it was late. Net of evening spreading fast, overrunning the time. Time--strike me hard. Father had gone and … Continue reading A Question That Haunts Me (Traveller Poem)