Thoughts all I have; words to express them.

It’s hard for a person (introvert) like me to fill up the About page. But, am good with words, so, let’s try out.

I’m very much inclined to explore the human thoughts and their feelings that are kept away from the light. It’s the darker aspects of a human psyche that attracts me most while am writing (I had a sort of heated discussion with a dear old friend as he said I should focus on light and shine aspect, but, I told him as a writer, as a poet darkness beckon me). Right now, though, am trying to write s’thing different on lighter aspect.

Besides writing poems,  I s’times write essays (collected under the name Let’s Talk…). The topics of these essays I pick up from my daily life and its surrounding, some article that had caught my fascination or something disturbed me and fill me up with thoughts (I vented them out through my essays).

Another thing that you can find is A Fable of Time. An ambitious project of mine. It’s being serialized from February 2017. Every Saturday, there’ll be a new episode, so that you, my readers, can read them at weekend and can comment on them and can also suggest on that. There’ll be also a Repeat of episodes (Re-blog) on Thursday.

Ufff…man, I had written down the About at last. I hope I hadn’t bored you with my About. If I’ve, then I apologize, but, ‘fore you leave just skim through my Thoughts of Words for once and I can promise you that you’ll never get bored.

Thank you, happy reading…let your untold words get thoughts as I have…

P.S. The tabs of my Thoughts are little messy as, in reality, my Thoughts are. So, to skim through my Thoughts of Words use the Map Of Content.

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