Florilegium: A Dozen of Haiku

1. Silent shouted– Silence, thoughts seduce– Words, page chuckle… 2. She lying naked, Darkness blanket, coldness lover She waited for dawn… 3. Fog levied– Heavy on his hand, as the– Cigarette reduce… 4. An old light quilt– As donation, birthday– Gift for his wife… 5. The wind, the soft sun– Embraced him. He inhale deeply–…… Continue reading Florilegium: A Dozen of Haiku

Are We Taking Care? #2

Continued… –c– The spring sun was high in the sky. The singing of cuckoo could be heard. The thirty years old, once renowned, poet woke up, she was still heavy at the head. She looked around and found silence. She drowsily light a cigarette– And open her blog account to see the reactions to her poem. She…… Continue reading Are We Taking Care? #2

Triplet of Haiku #1: Rain, Fire & Song

Daily Prompt: Devastation  –1– The rain, after storm, filled– the fields.”Devastation”,– said old Rabi* farmer… –2– She set up the fire, Devastation claiming her– mind, claim her body now… –3– A cuckoo fly and– Sat on dead leaves; it is spring — in devastation  … *Crops sowed in around mid-November and harvesting begin in April Painting:…… Continue reading Triplet of Haiku #1: Rain, Fire & Song

Three: A Repertoire of January Nights

  [Written after Message In The Bottle: End Of An Exile & before and after When My Mind Teased Me: A Day After Am Out of Veil]   –1– So you’ve come…Come here quickly, inside the quilt. It’s cold outside. No, no need to get undress, darling, just come and let me embrace you, let me kiss…… Continue reading Three: A Repertoire of January Nights