The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]

The prompt of 75th Week of Three Line Tales by Sonya suddenly made me remember a story by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The name of the story is "Madhu-Malati" and was written in 1957 (Bengali Year 1364). The premise of the story was the area around S.P. College (Sir Parashurambhau College) in Pune City, Maharastra State, India and... Continue Reading →

The Pack (Micro-Fiction)

  He ends watering the Cynthia; the dew is still fresh on the blades of the grasses and the tender petals of just-bloom roses are still wet; the morning is still holding the serenity of a typical December morning; a cold though warm breeze coming from the sea. Suddenly, he heard a soft zoom; at first it... Continue Reading →

Run, Steal or Kill (Micro Fiction)

  "You've to pick and run...then the turkey is all yours..." little Tania looked at Uncle before looking across the street at the cafe where her mother is. "Darling...can you steal the necklace..." She looked outside and find out her daughter speaking with the husband; loan from this couple making their life miserable; her eyes... Continue Reading →

Color of Clouds (Microfiction)

The wing of the plain slicing through the clouds. The captain had declared few moments ago we're going to land in twenty minutes; twenty minutes...I murmured to self and ran into a thought; twenty years I've been out of my birthland, my motherland for writing a book on Krishna calling him God of Sex not... Continue Reading →


  It was heard again from the bathroom; I went and before I say s'thing, she grasped her breath and said am pregnant. I hold the door to prevent my fall from the sudden blow of her words; how can this be happening...Unicorn can't can't fail...or has it...yes it had...again. She with puffed red eyes looked at... Continue Reading →

What’s She Looking At…

What's she looking at...asked in unison, from two different points--one from one of the fourth floor south faced bedroom window and another from two hundred meters away parked car. Both the focus followed her path of view; both tried to make out what she's looking at; there's nothing or anything in the crowd... both the focus moved on her... Continue Reading →

That Eve…

Three Line Tales, Week 55   I'm not afraid a'more, instead, I has grown a strong likeness to the act; I'm one of the Five Emeralds, kept aside for the masquerade Novenary--the highest bidder got the Emerald at each bid trimming the number of both sides--captives and their hunters. There's they has raised the hand; the... Continue Reading →

The Valentine Breakfast

I turned my wheelchair, the minute countdown of the microwave neared to end; there should be no beep, otherwise, she'll get awake and then, finding me here, she'll drive me out of here. I hadn't taken the sleeping pill last night--an outrageous action it was; she'll scream at me I know very well; but, I also know... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Captain

  Ma, you're the worst housemaid...she wiped her teary eyes with the back of her soapy hand; she had discovered it from the trash after her Ma mistakenly threw it away, and washing and rinsing it for last one hour and thirty minutes to get rid of the fishy smell from it. She dipped it in... Continue Reading →

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