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The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]

The prompt of 75th Week of Three Line Tales by Sonya suddenly made me remember a story by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The name of the story is “Madhu-Malati” and was written in 1957 (Bengali Year 1364). The premise of the story was the area around S.P. College (Sir Parashurambhau College) in Pune City, Maharastra State, India and the main premise is a bicycle rent shop at Tilak Road in the same city.

Tried to summarize the story in 3 lines and 125 words. 

Three Line Tales

The Pack (Micro-Fiction)


He ends watering the Cynthia; the dew is still fresh on the blades of the grasses and the tender petals of just-bloom roses are still wet; the morning is still holding the serenity of a typical December morning; a cold though warm breeze coming from the sea. Suddenly, he heard a soft zoom; at first it is inaudible but the effect of humming can be felt; he wrinkle his eyes to look at the young oranged blue sky. A military fighter plane appears; follow by another and then another and then a pack–whoosed over his head blowing his cap away. 

[Wrote in Historical Present Tense]

Inspired by the Pearl Harbor Attack (7th December, 1941) & Posted for the Three Line Tales, Week#61


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Run, Steal or Kill (Micro Fiction)


“You’ve to pick and run…then the turkey is all yours…” little Tania looked at Uncle before looking across the street at the cafe where her mother is.

“Darling…can you steal the necklace…” She looked outside and find out her daughter speaking with the husband; loan from this couple making their life miserable; her eyes then unknowingly went to just light on glow sign of the shop, a gray Mercedes guard her view.

Glow Sign

“What is your choice then…kill and cash…or another starved night…” He glances at the glowing sign, outside the car, and then to his boss.

Three Line Tales, Week 60


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Color of Clouds (Microfiction)

The wing of the plain slicing through the clouds. The captain had declared few moments ago we’re going to land in twenty minutes; twenty minutes…I murmured to self and ran into a thought; twenty years I’ve been out of my birthland, my motherland for writing a book on Krishna calling him God of Sex not Wisdom. I look again outside; the clouds seems to be colored different; they doesn’t belong to any country, but, I felt at that moment they’re colored differently–is it what clouds of own country seems…

Three Lines Tales, Week 59

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It was heard again from the bathroom; I went and before I say s’thing, she grasped her breath and said am pregnant. I hold the door to prevent my fall from the sudden blow of her words; how can this be happening…Unicorn can’t fail…it can’t fail…or has it…yes it had…again. She with puffed red eyes looked at me and hisses shoot me…like you had done before; Unicorn can’t fail…but, it has failed…again…a sensation arouses inside me as I looked at her sweaty red face…is it what was known as love…

Three Line Tales Week 57


Daily Prompt: Doubt